Thursday, November 02, 2006

What the Pregnant Wife Craves: Part ll

As I mentioned my wife is in her 9 month and has many cravings. One of which has been fried mozzarella sticks. At our local pizza shop 4 mozzarella sticks are almost $6. They happen to be quite good but I was wondering if I could make them well myself. The results are in and my wife has given her approval at sharing this recipe with my readers.

Here we go: The Mozzerellamiester

What you'll need:

  1. A Skillet with hot oil
  2. Mozzarella string cheese
  3. A small tin
  4. Toothpicks
  5. 1-3 eggs
  6. Flour
  7. Bread Crumbs ( flavored)
  8. Parmesan, Salt and garlic ( pepper)


Beat up eggs and place in a small tin

Place Parmesan and Bread Crumbs and spices into another tin

Place flour into a tin

Getting Started:

Place mozzarella into flour ( roll with your hands) insert toothpick into cheese and dip into egg and submerge it. Drip off excess egg into it's pan and insert into bread crumbs and cover well. Take cheese out with toothpick and resubmerge into egg (dripping off again) and roll into
bread crumbs for a nice thick coat. Place cheese into hot oil till golden brown and flip it over. Once both sides are nicely fried, place on a plate with paper towel and then onto a plate(cheese might stick to paper towel). Serve with favorite marinara sauce. The End..Enjoy!


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