Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday Night Roundup Treats

A Simple Jew has a guest discussing the Eruv Rav. Check out the "you owe me a job" series at BloginDM. If you would like a "taste of captivity", Hiechal HaNegina is the place. Which Gedolim went to college? Ask Hirhurim. ShilohMusings explains how Israel is becoming a Christian Nation.First came the LP then the 8 Track, tapes and now CD's and Life-of-Rubin tells us what's next. Ever hear that kosher meat is healthier? The KosherBlog discusses all aspects about Kosher Meat.Looking for sports talk? SerandEZ passes that ball. I actually got a hair cut today but Jack's made me laugh real hard. Orthonomics has a guest post from The Wolf who howls about the benefits in losing ones credit card. Red wine make you feel fine according to information brought to you by Judeopundit. Treppenwitz puts up his Photo Friday early for us. Hungry? Check out my post on what my wife craves.


Batya said...

thanks for the link
interesting variety!

Jewish Blogmeister said...

I try :)