Thursday, November 09, 2006

My kid the CIA agent or Brain Surgeon?

My toddler is 3 yrs old and there seems very little that gets by her. She sees and understands a great deal more then most children her age. I say this only because people are constantly commenting on her abilities. Her memory and retention can be scary at times. Here are some examples:Tonight we went to the local 7-11 to get slurpies and my daughter asks "how come there are no pictures on the door"? What do you mean, I asked. What kind of pictures should they have? "Scary ones", she replied (meaning Halloween). One day her teacher at playgroup told her in the beginning of the day that when one is sick you wish them a "refuah shelaima". The day continued where many hours had past full of playing and projects. At the end of the day my daughter said goodbye to the teacher and then proceeded to wish her a "refuah shlaima". Needless to say she shocked her with that one. Tonight we had a to see a doctor as my wife is expecting, after which we went out for pizza then slurpies as I mentioned. My wife was discussing the doctor and my daughter replies " the one with the grey suit"? The question is CIA agent or Brain Surgeon?


Bagel Blogger said...

Both hopefully, then she can be head of an ultra secret project to transplant a brain into the Iranian Prime minister.
She sounds gifted, did you know that our off spring are growing beyond the intelligence of their parents?

Should make interesting teenage years. hmm?


Jewish Blogmeister said...

Don't scare me man...