Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Goodnight Reading Roundup....

If you want to know what's happening at Sameach Music, click here. A picture is worth a thousand words at LakeVent. The caption contest is heating up at BagelBlogger. Soccerdad explains how we want to have our cake and eat it too. Life-of-Rubin has his latest on John Kerry's humor malfunction and Classmate-wearing also weighs in. SerandEZ talks about being the best ( with help from Psychotoddler). ShilohMusings wonders if hammas is learning from Hezbollah. KosherBlog attempts grapenut pudding. Great video that is not to be missed at Life-in-Israel featuring the latest in coke and mentos experiments! Jack tells you what kind of blogger he wants to be. A Simple Jew stuns you with beauty. Last but not least my continuing series on the "best of kosher food" series.

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