Thursday, November 09, 2006

Good Morning Wraps: Avocado Style...

LakeVent has a caption contest not to be missed. BagelBlogger tells us the scary details of how France almost fired at Israeli warplanes. YidwithLid is praying hard over the Democrats win. Jewish-Music-Blog gives us his first impressions on the Chevra3 album. Daled Amos believes CNN is missing some important data in their polls (big surprise there) and SoccerDad gives his thoughts on Rumsfeld. At Jewschool they are hoping the Democrats will prove how Pro Israel they really are. Life-in-Israel gives you an inside look at the Israeli Hariedi and how they have shot themselves in the foot. Classmate-Wearing looks at the election and savors something. Isreallycool will tell you about the accident in warfare. Balaboosteh is nervous, find out why. ShilohMusings has a great News round up waiting for you. Shabot Blog gives you the best Chanukah present ever. Treppenwitz has another thought provoking post on Modest Aspirations **clapping**.

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