Saturday, October 28, 2006

Motzei Shabbos: Melvah Malkah Edition

Here are some interesting posts you might enjoy:

Canonist has a video on Anti-Stem Aramaic? Make sure to check out Bagel Blogger's caption contest as it ends soon! Need a new recepie look no further than Balaboosteh and Life-in-Israel. Daled Amos tells us about his Daughter's bithday party gifts. Israel Matzav has the inside look on the IDF's latest advetures. Life-of-Rubin informs about Avraham Fried's latest tzedakah campaigning. SerandEZ is in the oval office. Don't forget that Haveil Havalim #91 will be brought to you in part by Shoshana. Shabot thinks his neice might be a human cylone hybrid. Psychotoddler has a pretty aggravating situation to deal with. Stacy's Shamata gets a tatse of justice on jury duty.Last but not least is my discussion on Campbell soup.

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