Saturday, October 28, 2006

Campbell Soup: Kosher?

When Campbell soup decided to go kosher it certainly made waves in the Jewish community. Although it was but one type of soup, namely their "vegetarian vegetable soup" that now had kosher supervision it was certainly a good start. I had used this soup on a variety of occasions when baking it with my gefitle fish. The OU has announced that Campbells Soup had dropped it's supervision. I figured Campbell's decided it didn't pay off and decided to drop the kosher concept. I was surprised to see they didn't drop the idea but moved to another kosher supervision company: half moon K. There is quite a difference between the reliability of these to hechshers and I'm sure the new supervision is quite less expensive so that may explain the switch. At this point I will have to find something else to take it's place.


The Town Crier said...

Dude - this is like so two months ago
By the time the OU had made their announcement the cans with the Half moon k was already on the shelves.
I had actually discussed it back then

business is business

Jewish Blogmeister said...

I also got the alert a while back but only today did I see the half moon on the shelves in my supermarket.

Sholom said...

Half-moon K claims to be based on the principle of not commercializing Kashrus. On the basis of that, I would trust their Hechsher more than the OU. That is, I would if I kept kosher, which I do not. Yum Yum bacon.
ברוך אתה יהוה אלהינו חי העולמים מתיר איסורים

All Hechsher fees are Shochad.

Bagel Blogger said...

Interesting wording that OU used in its Kosher Alert.
"Product no longer certified as kosher by the Orthodox Union. Product bearing the OU symbol was manufactured prior to the termination of the kosher certification and is kosher."

Might have been more informative to have stated that 'OU is no longer certifying this product as kosher'

[Just a slight change in wording from Certified to certifying]

Sometimes you ask yourself is the Kosher authority looking after your interests with regards 'what is Kosher' or their interests as in what they still certify??

To see an update on Halfmoon see here

regards Aaron

The Town Crier said...

i saw the half moon k cans right away - it was eerie because it was the day after the news hit at the beginning of september and the cans were already printed.
there was speculation then about the departure from amercan soups inc. of a jewish ceo.
In any event, this is all about how much money the companies are willing to pay out for a the certification..

Jewish Blogmeister said...

The problem however here is they are using a certification that is not exactly widely accpeted. They would be better of with a chof-k or even an OK Lab hecsher but those are certainly pricier. At least that's my guess.