Monday, September 04, 2006

Visit to Monsey: Kosher Martini mixes etc.

As I vacation in the Monsey area it's always fun to see what kind of deals I can acquire. One of the best kept secrets in this area is a store with a not-so-Jewish name: The x-mas tree shop which is locazted near the exit 14 on the NYS Thruway. This store features a lot of interesting items at a discount and the items are constatntly changing. One item I came across which I found rather interesting was a kosher line of martini mixes by a company named Strirrings. They had several different flafors available and all under the OU such as Apple and Tangerine martini mixes. Another big surprise was that TGI Fridays has a mudslide and other mixes that recently changed hashgachos to the OU-D and was $3! The martini mixes were only a dollar each and considering they are 22 ounces that's a real bargain. Monsey is only about 20-30 min. from Woodbury Commons so this vacation was a shopping fiesta of sorts. I'll keep you informaed as to other new items as they become available. For those of you working folk: enjoy your day off.

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