Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Tale of the Birnbaum Machzor...

My new cantor position has led me down an interesting path. Someone pointed out to me I should find out what machzor the congregation uses
( even though they never told me). This would help be better prepared as far as pyutim etc.. When I made the call the reply was "the Birnbaum Machzor".A friend of mine had mentioned that he used that machzor when he led the tefilah but I didn't recall what it looked like. I went to a couple of seforim stores and was told they no longer carried it. I became a bit nervous and wasn't sure where I could pick one up locally. Realizing that a different freind worked in Brooklyn I put in a call to Eichler's ( who intially thought that they too had no copies) and was told they had a few left. My friend picked it up and I was in good spirits. Leaving Maariv last night I told a freind about my difficulty in locating the machzor and his reply was I should turn around. As I looked behind me I noticed a long row of of machzorim all of which were, you guessed it, Birnbaum. He said I could borrow one since the shul had hundreds. I kindly called my friend in Brooklyn and apologized but explained I would no longer be needing it ( escpecially since they wanted almost $40 bucks for it!)

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Bagel Blogger said...

I live very very remote in outback Australia.
When I need a text, I have to order it from the USA and wait an eternity.
Or wait to one of my few trips to the city each year.
This will all change next year when my family moves back to civilisation.
I'm glad you found the appropriate machzor. (We often dont see what we need if its so close already)
Mazal Tov on your new cantor position, I'm sure you will have an 'extra' listener along side you.