Thursday, September 07, 2006

Cantorial Update

As I mentioned previously I had some halachic issues davening for Yomim Noroim ( high holidays) as I'm an avel (in mourning). I'm happy to report that even though my audition was not the best I got the job to be the bal tefilah for shachris ( morning prayers). Now I really have to get in gear and start rehearsing. This will be my first time davening for the amud on Yomim Noroim and I hope I can make it a special experience for this kehillah. I only wish my mom could be there to hear it but I know her neshomah will be there to support me. I'm sure she was helpful in putting this together for me.

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Rafi G said...

I am sure she will be listening from above and enjoying her nachas..