Thursday, September 29, 2005

Jewish holocaust Survivor is man-handled by British Police!

During an annual Labour Party conference, 82-year-old Jewish Nazi refugee, Walter Wolfgang was physically ejected from the premises. The reason for his departure was he was "heckling" Foreign Secretary Jack Straw over the Iraq war. When Mr. Straw started defending Britain's presence in Iraq, Mr. Wolfgang responded by shouting "liar" and "nonsense". Immediately guards seized him as the photo shows and was then stopped by police using powers under the Terrorism Act as he tried to re-enter the conference venue, and had his pass confiscated. Tony Blair issued a public apology saying he was sorry although he had not attended the conference and that he wasn't trying to stifle free speech. He continued to say: It is difficult, the stewards are volunteers, they are not quite sure how to deal with a situation like that and, of course, you should deal with it differently and I'm really sorry for it and it must have been upsetting for him.

"It shouldn't have happened.

"You should not treat an elderly man like that."

No kidding!

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Jack's Shack said...

Some people never stop to consider what they are doing before they do it.