Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Matisyahu this Passover

I got the following email the other day:

Matisyahu in Cancun and AZ for Passover

Matisyahu, the Hassidic Reggae recording artist who is one of the hottest acts in the world of Jewish music, is slated to make his debut Passover holiday vacation performances this month. He is signed to appear at both the Hilton Hotel in Cancun, Mexico and the Omni Resort in Tucson, Arizona, performing live during Chol Hamoed at each of the Club Kosher locations.

How exciting....


PsychoToddler said...

Best I could get was the Rye Hilton.

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Hey don't knock the Rye man!
It's a nice joint.

krakman13 said...

if you dig Matisyahu you will love this show.

SNEAK PREVIEW: Join David Krakauer's Klezmer Madness! and dj SoCalled on April 30th, 2005 at Joe's Pub for a sneak preview of their new album "Bubbemeises: Lies My Gramma Told Me", to be released fall 2005.

This album marks the first full collaboration of Krakauer and
SoCalled, bringing together two of the most eclectic and influential
musicians in the world music scene today.

Two sets: 7.30pm & 9.30pm;
tickets are available at The
Public Theater box office or through Telecharge. For more information visit or

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Should I be charging for that last post? Ok I'll let it slide this time.