Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lipa Purim Music Video: Reveal Feat. Ari Lesser

Lipa has released his latest music video in time for Purim entitled Reveal featuring Ari Lesser.

Lipa takes a retro approach on this one and it is VERY different no doubt!

What do you think?

Monday, January 19, 2015

New Release: Eli Marcus: Dovid Hamelech: Video

It’s fresh, it’s fun and it’s totally fabulous. What is it? The long awaited debut album from Eli Marcus, the youngest member of the Marcus family. The album, entitled Dovid Hamelech, features the compositions of Yossi Green, with contributions from Yitzy Waldner and Elie Schwab. On board for the arrangements is world renowned musical director and producer, Shai Bachar. Marcus’ name is familiar to many within the Jewish music scene. An in demand wedding singer and performer, Eli has been working on the wedding scene for over six years. On his new album, Marcus offers a vibrant spin on classical Jewish music, imbuing the songs with his innate creativity and his unique sense of style. “He has a youthful, fresh energetic sound as well as a classy mature side to him,” added Avraham Fried, who describes himself as a proud uncle. “You get the impression that Eli is a seasoned performer when really this is only his first CD.” Every composition on David Hamelech was hand-picked. “This project is literally a dream come true,” said Marcus. “The opportunity to work with Yossi Green, a major childhood musical influence and hero, is just unbelievable beyond words.” The album has a unique feel thanks to the production, done by Eli and Bachar. “This album was made with musicians who are like a family and have been working together for 15 years" Said Bachar. “Eli's vast musical talents are astounding,” said brother Bentzy Marcus of 8th Day. “He can play, sing, compose, arrange, all with an amazing sense of style and ‘hartz.’ It's a real gift to Jewish music fans to have an artist like this come on to the scene.” Cousin Benny Friedman admits to being very excited for Marcus’ album debut. “Eli is that perfect blend of high energy, great musical talent and superb vocal chops,” said Friedman. “He's the real deal and he is getting ready to blow your socks off!”

NY Kosher Smokehouse Opening Delayed....

The first retail Kosher Smokehouse, Izzys BBQ is getting ready to open up in Crown Heights but has been delayed due to city inspection and contractor snafus. They are hoping to be up and running within 1-2 months.

Izzy Idelman pictured here says he was inspired by the "Wandering Que". A very popular mobile smokehouse establishment. There has been a growing number of mobile kosher smokehouses opening up including 2  in Texas: One in  Dallas that goes by Texas Kosher BBQ and one in Austin: Joe Bob's BBQ that will also be serving Houston as well.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Funny Commercial About Your Bathroom Smells....

This commercial is a bit over the top but pretty interesting if it works.

This is what you buy if you don't like the way your bathroom smells after using it....