Monday, September 12, 2011

New Bidding Website

People are always on the lookout for an alternative to bidding websites such as Ebay. Well one that you may enjoy is The one difference at is that you purchase credits which you then use to place a bid on a product. Shipping is always free on and the website sports a variety of products i.e. Ipads, Ipods, ps3, cameras, Giftcards, LED TV's, watches , jewelry, Toys etc.. also  offers a buy now option so if you don't win the bid, you can still purchase the item with the credits you purchased. Unlike some other sites the customer service is fantastic, prompt and courteous and there are no weekly or monthly winning caps. There are also beginner auctions that allow you to polish your bidding skills. They also have a win guarantee: don't win within 24 hrs all the bid are rest. The Bottom Line: check out for you next purchase. For a gift or perhaps just for yourself, it's a great way to get very cool stuff at a really cool price .Let us know what you think and if you bought something, what was it? Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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