Friday, July 08, 2011

Best Kosher Snacks

I'm always surprised by the latest kosher snacks that are available nationwide. Some of the more interesting ones were when Mrs. Freshley's dropped it's triangle-K certification and went with the OU. They are now one of the only ones to offer a OU on a cup cake that can be bought at many Wal-Marts. Considering that a nice portion of orthodox Jews don't rely on the triangle-k for bakery good products many more goodies became available. It seemed that after this, many of those items became private labeled for  wal-mart and a whole new line of products came out. My favorite: peanut butter wafers! Another source of great snacks is Target. They have some fabulous snacks that are both tasty and innovative.Such as their 7-Layer Dip Fiesta Chip which are full of many flavors .Other great goodies are the real fruit strips, butter crunch cashews or organic choloclate chip cookies.Another place you can find some interesting snack is Whole Foods or Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's has arguably the best pareve chocolate chips for any baking recipe or simply a great snack on shabbos after a meat meal. Where have you found interesting kosher snacks?

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Potz A. Yid said...

Kosher shrimp tempura is a good snack. Kosher khozer skin is also good.