Thursday, February 17, 2011

You don't have to be Jewish to have a Ketuba?

Evangelical Christians have decided they admire ancient Jewish customs. There are couples who are now interested in a getting married with some version of a  ketuba and perhaps getting married under the chupa (let's hear them pronounce that). Perhaps this is allowing sellers of Judaica to now enlarge their customer base by selling to Christians as well. What's next? I say mezzuzahs: they are not too expensive and can also be a fashion statement.

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Elle said...

my Christian father in law had a Mezuzah for years. He said it was to "protect his house" but he had no idea what it was. bought it at some kinda flea market (clearly not kosher). so yeah... I don't think this is all that new. For some reason it's just being highlighted right now. Christians have been taking Jewish traditions since well.. the beginning of Christianity,