Friday, February 18, 2011

First Kosher Wedding at Citi Field?

Rest assured that as far as their guests were concerned, Shelli Hoffman, 23, and Chaim Sussman, 31 had hit it a home run. The couple had chosen the NY Mets Stadium in Queens as the destination for their wedding.

Sussman said the photographer was planning some shoots by the dugout and in the stands, explaining that because of the time of year — not to mention the extra thousands it would have cost to stage the wedding on the field — the ceremony would take place in the Delta Sky360 Club directly behind home plate, with a view spanning dugout to dugout. The reception was held in the Caesars Club atop the Jackie Robinson Rotunda. With room for 900, the venue was quite 
spacious for the 400 or so celebrants.

Ever go to a wedding in a stadium?

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