Friday, January 28, 2011

Bizarre Story of The Day: Mom Sues For Custody As Father Does Not Keep Kosher

This is one strange story that keep getting more bizarre as your read it. The story begins with an exotic dancer who marries her club's manager. They marry and 15 years later divorce. She remarries and becomes hassidic.The 8 yr old child they had together is now in the middle of a terrible custody battle and the mother issuing saying the father is not keeping a kosher home which is violating his religious upbringing:

“The question here is who is the better decision-maker,” the father’s attorney, Joel Brodsky, said in his brief opening statements before Cook County Circuit Court Judge John Thomas Carr Wednesday. Brodsky said before the hearing that he intends to bring up Margolina’s days as an exotic dancer — and her subsequent conversion to devout Judaism — to show the court that she “tends toward extremes.” But Rush University child psychiatrist Louis J. Kraus, who was called by Margolina’s attorney, David Grund, testified that the mother should get custody.
Kraus had recommended a joint parenting agreement back in 2007. Back then, he testified, the parents had agreed that the boy would be raised Jewish. But after a recent evaluation of the boy and discussions with the warring parents, it was clear mom and dad had different expectations about what it meant to raise a Jewish child, Kraus said. Derbigny, a Roman Catholic who attends Mass on Christmas and Thanksgiving, did not believe he was required to keep a kosher household — especially since they hadn’t done that or even observed the Jewish Sabbath when the family was together. But Kraus said in his talks with Derbigny, the father seemed to be making a point of serving the boy bacon and other non-kosher foods. Kraus said he was concerned the parents’ stalemate was causing the boy anxiety and other behavioral problems.
“I’m recommending Ms. Margolina have sole custody ... because of the high level of conflict,” Kraus said.
Brodsky said he plans to call a doctor later in what is expected to be a week-long trial that will recommend Derbigny get sole custody.

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