Friday, November 12, 2010

Selling Your Gold- Great Time To Sell?

With the price of gold going through the roof, many are considering selling their gold jewelry for some extra cash. Especially with the economy in it's current terrible state, many people are selling their gold more than ever before. This way they can pay for anything from an electric bill or new set of braces to a gift for the holidays. The important thing is not to get ripped off by being uninformed about what you should be getting in exchange for your gold. Bankrate has some very useful information to about selling your gold jewelry and which types make the best candidates (heavy chains).Don't necessarily think you will make a mint selling any type of gold however, states MSN. Consumer Reports suggests using a online calculator and check the price of gold that day. You can then call around to several jewelry and coin stores to get the best price. Expect to get about 85% of the calculated price. A Wall Street Journal article discusses about the experience of selling gold online. The BBB has some gold selling tips as well that you may find useful. Happy selling!

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