Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jewish Music Review: Aryeh Kunstler- Our eyes Are On You

Aryeh Kunstler has recently released his second solo album entitled "Our Eyes Are On You". This album is a follow up to his solo debut album "From the Depths". Aryeh's latest release sounds a bit more sophisticated and vocally he is moving into new territory. On his first album my favorite song was Mizmor Shir which featured Lenny Solomon on back up vocals. I thought it was a hard song to beat with it's fantastic groove and background vocals. Aryeh does not disappoint me and puts out "Split the Sea". This song features lyrics that discuss the splitting of the red sea and how the Jews needed to believe in order to merit the miracle. The lyrics and musical composition blew me away as did those jazz (gospel) background vocals brought to you by Yitzy Spinner. He has great straight ahead rock songs like his opener Hashem Sifosei and has more alternative sounds on  songs like Lishuasicha. Aryeh really uses different styles within rock to bring you songs that are memorable and very enjoyable. Aryeh is sure to carve out  a real place for himself within the Jewish music scene. He is currently one of the most requested guitarist in the Jewish wedding music circuit. I for one look forward to hearing much more from this very talented musician.To purchase it click here.

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