Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kosher News: Waldbaum's Closing in W. Hartford & More...

Here are some highlights in the Kosher news this week:

West Hartford, CT resident are nervous that their local Waldbaum's takeover by Big Y will mean the end to kosher food from this location. This will leave W.Hartford with just one kosher store to service it's Jewish community. 

Monsey residents are up in arms about Pathmark's decision to close it's doors. A long standing supermarket in the lower-income district of Rockland county will leave many residents with no place to buy food without a car.

The Vaad Ho-ir of Columbus has removed it's supervision from a  Kosher caterer, Catering by Chani. The argument was over the amount of supervision necessary for the food to be deemed kosher to the standards if the Vaad. The Vaad had been enforcing stricter regulations:The Vaad wanted a supervisor on site whenever staff members at Catering by Chani were preparing food, and Capland did not agree to that, said Rabbi Howard Zack of Congregation Torat Emet, an officer of the Vaad.

Houston, TX is set to have a new pizza  restaurant opening soon and possibly a Chinese restaurant as well. We are very excited to see how these develop.

A new restaurant offering gourmet pizza has opened in Engelwood under the supervision of the R.C.B.C. called Ariel's.If you are in the area you can check them out online. You can also view the menu here.

In Washington D.C. Pita Plus suddenly closed it's doors without notice.A Halal restaurant is poised to take it's place. The Washington DC Jewish Community Center, meanwhile, is in talks with Ben Yehuda Cafe & Pizzeria in Silver Spring to open a cafe at the District facility.

If you have kosher restaurant information you would like our readers to know about let me know.

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