Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jewish Music Review: Lipa -From the Depth of My Heart

Lipa has certainly come along way since his original badchin only days. He's  considered today as one of the hottest performers for the religious Jewish music market. Although I'm familiar with some of his material from the wedding circuit, I never actually picked up a CD of his. His latest CD entitled "From the Depth of My Heart", is certainly packed with material. 16 tracks should keep you pretty busy.  I too am busy and will therefore not have time to go through the entire CD with you. A synopsis however would be, that throughout this CD Lipa really goes through many music genres which are evident if you simply listens to the samples offered.
Everything from techno to jazz to rock to acapella and more are covered at some point. Is every song a gem? Depends who you ask I guess. Considering I don't speak fluent yiddish, I probably don't have the same appreciation for some songs as others would. There are some potential big hits, including a song with MBD entitled " Ayei " which is one of my favorites. In conclusion, this album offers a really action packed ride  and you should definitely check out!The CD case is very impressive and it comes with it's own cleaning cloth along with his name (nice marketing gimmick) .

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