Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kosher Packaged Bread: Finally in Houston!

Although there are plenty of bakeries in Houston, there is virtually little packaged bread that is kosher.  The only exception are the organic brands breads which are very pricey. The HKA is currently supervising a bread plant which currently produces the following breads :
Please check the ink jet expiration date to make sure that it was produced at plant 118. In the near future the letters HKA will be added to the expiration date/plant number.This list applies to breads only, not buns or rolls.

Sunbeam brand
Giant bread
1.5 lb sandwich
20 oz round top white
Nature’s Own Brand
White wheat 20 oz
Light wheat 16 oz
Light honey wheat 16 oz
Honey wheat 20 oz
Whole grain sugar free 20 oz
100% whole wheat 20oz
Honey wheat sandwich 24 oz
Light sourdough 16 oz
Honey seven grain 20 oz
Double fiber 20 oz
White wheat sandwich 24 oz

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