Monday, March 22, 2010

Thieves Can Get Into Your Car!: Beware!!!

This just happened to a relative of mine the other night in NY. She was coming home from shopping and left a whole bunch of Passover pots and pans and various items in the car. She had gone to sleep when she thought she heard  her car beep as if she had opened it. Of course she thought she was hearing things and forgot about it. The next morning  she went to the car and everything was gone with no sign of a break in! A thief  had somehow stolen the code from her wireless remote and just went in and grabbed what they wanted. If you have an older car this is certainly something to worry about: Theoretically, a code grabber with a computer attached could figure out basic rolling code signals and anticipate the next code in the sequence and just open your card door. The way to thwart theives is to have a remote with encrypted codes. Please pass this information along. The least costly solution: lock your doors manually.

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Anonymous said...

wrong remote. that works for dodges :)