Monday, March 22, 2010

City Council Elections: Brooklyn

Although I have left NY for Houston I still like to be in touch with the current political climate and the news that is coming forth. A special election is taking place March 23rd for  Brooklyn city council for the seat recently vacated by Simcha Felder and it has certainly had some interesting twists and intensity. One of the potential candidates who is merely a teenager, namely eighteen year-old Abraham Tischler was removed from the race. The Daily News reported that the petition signatures for Tischler, who was hoping to be the youngest member of the  city council, came from outside the district or were improperly dated. Another young candidate  Mr. Judge a sophmore at Turo college was also removed after his petitions were challenged. Currently the showdown is between Joe Lazar and David Greenfield. I would like to show my support for David Greenfield and ask you to support his efforts for city council. I can personally atest to his characted as I used to spend many days at his home and had many conversations with him long before he was even married. He was always a very bright and highly ethical straight shooter and I think he'll bring the changes the  nieghborhood needs in order to continue to prosper. He's not a media hog in the sense that others in local politics are (some of which never saw a microphone they didn't like.) It is my hope that he will win the election and bring about some change in the local government in Brooklyn. Good Luck David!

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