Monday, February 15, 2010

Exploiting musicians in a bad economy

BloginDm has an excellent post where he discusses how Jewish orchestra offices  as well as organizations are using the economy as a way to exploit musicians to the point of paying them under union scale for their performances. He also discusses an office that has what he believes to be a ponzi scheme: they are not paying their musicians for jobs outstanding for almost a year. There really should never be a situation where a musician  should have to wait to get paid. The office made profit so why can't they pay out? Money management issues perhaps but that is no excuse. Yet some of the same people who are guilty of deliquincy such as this take a nice vacation or lease a fancy a car- it's enough to make you sick.

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gafna@israel said...

the problem is music is not socially dependive product, in other words its not bread, thats why such things as not to pay to musicians at the time does not look that terrible to employers, though in a real way its very sad