Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Saving Money on Your Move

I found a new exciting website that will certainly save you a lot of money if you ever have the need to hire Movers or a moving company. The name of this company is Hireahelper.com, it is an Internet-based service provider that connects day laborers with people who need to get work done such as moving. Launched in June 2007 HireAHelper.com has drawn over 4,000 registered helpers across the United States. With sections for Moving Help, Landscaping Help, Cleaning Help, and General Help / Day Labor HireAHelper.com has you covered. HireAHelper.com is also the endorsed and sole moving labor provider for Realtor.com and Moving.com so you know it’s not some fly by night company. I wish I would have found this site when I made my move as I’m sure I could have saved a bundle of cash. How many times do you find yourself wishing you could find a better price on landscaping services, cleaning services or other labor help. I know quite a few people in my neighborhood myself included who have been paying quite a bit for services and now can find better prices through Hireahelper.com. In this economy we really need to save where we can and that means finding better prices for everything from food to the cost of labor. I think you'll find this website to be a very helpful tool in allowing you to do just that, save money. Feel free to pass along this website information to anyone who needs help with a move or a better prices on a landscaper and or other such labor. They'll thank you for it. Perhaps I’ll try and see if I can find a better deal on a cleaning lady and someone to do some work around my house there is no end to the amount of work that goes into a home….got to run enjoy.

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