Monday, November 23, 2009

New Kosher Product Review: Kikkoman Bread Crumbs

One of my favorite relatively new kosher products is Kikkoman Bread crumbs. It is certified Kosher by the OU. Kikkoman is known for it's top quality Asian food products and these bread crumbs are no different:
These are the bread crumbs that the restaurants use. Big, crispy flakes that hold their crunch. Kikkoman’s Restaurant Series Panko are made from specially baked bread, processed to exact specifications and lightly toasted for delicate flavor and the ideal crunch. Use them to coat seafood, vegetables, risotto cakes or croquettes. Also, excellent for crumb toppings on savory or sweet casseroles. I have tried them and they are truly excellent. They are fairly inexpensive as well.

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