Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jewish Outreach Programs in Texas: TORCH

Torch is the only Jewish Outreach organization with programs in Houston, Texas that has been very successful over the years. It comprises of many different facets including the Houston Kollel, Jewish Ethics Institute, Ascent (Women's Divison)JSU. If you would like to donate toward this great cause click here. Here is an introduction to this great organization:

TORCH was founded in 1998 and has since served thousands of Houstonians as a resource for learning and connection through its unique non-judgmental approach to Jewish education.

Whether you're Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, unaffiliated or somewhere in between, the Torah Outreach Resource Center of Houston (TORCH) is your most vibrant source for Jewish learning in Houston. Through study opportunities in various formats and locations, TORCH brings a new dimension to everyday Jewish life.

Our team of dynamic rabbis share the tools that connect timeless Jewish traditions with modern life. You can learn in a nurturing environment as the rabbis open their minds to impart wisdom. In addition, the rabbis open their homes to share Shabbat, and their lives for personal family celebrations.

By uniting fellow Jews through shared joy in religious education and Judaic tradition, and by extending a friendly, upbeat, non-judgmental invitation to all Jews, TORCH is building bridges in our community.

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