Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's Time for Vacation!

I've been dreaming of taking the whole family for a nice extended vacation somewhere. I thought about taking the kids to Florida and maybe try the whole Disney World deal. As opposed to a hotel I'm considering just taking a vacation rental in Florida perhaps Ft. Lauderdale or maybe Orlando. In my opinion, vacation rentals seem to make a lot more sense than hotels and sometimes can be much more affordable. For starters you can have your own poolat a hotel that's generally not an option you'll have and this mean mixed swimming does not become an issue. I also find hotels to be a lot noisier and annoying than actually renting a vacation property where things tend be more quiet ( although that may depend on the area in question with a vacation rental )with less roudiness and no elevators to deal with. Rentals also tend to have more amenties for the money such as stove and refigerators. You can have a suite at a hotel but for the price you are probably better off with a vaction rental property. Have you ever tried a vacation rental? I'm curious to know what your experience might have been. Please share.


Yehuda said...

once rented a home in Orlando, great experiance. all the pros you mentioned: the kitchen, pool, quiet etc.... far more affordable than a hotel.

I would def. go that route.

Terry Gronenthal said...

You are correct with all of your positions. VRs are a fantastic way to go on a family vacation.
My suggestion is to be very diligent in your search for a VR in Orlando or Ft. Lauderdale.
Two things for you and your readers:
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Make some trails!
Terry Gronenthal
Vacation Rental Guest Advocate