Sunday, November 01, 2009

Becoming Kosher: Tootsie Rolls, Gatorade and more?

The most recent word is that Tootsie Rolls and Gatorade are becoming kosher under the supervision of the OU. I'm curious as to when Wrigley's would bear kosher supervision since there was a rumor floating around that they would turn kosher but it's been over a year since that news started to circulate and yet Wrigley's still bears no kosher supervision label. Evidently there is a company called "Intesley Different" that has been putting a lot of new kosher snacks on the market. They create and purchase franchise names to use on their labels i.e. TGIF mozzarella sticks, Bob's Texas style potato chips (you must try the jalapeno!) and more.


Jacob Da Jew said...

mmm i remember tootsie rolls back...where they ever kosher?

Jewish Blogmeister said...


To my knowledge they were never actually kosher from a supervision standpoint. There was a time however, when people simply relied on the ingredients in the candy to determine if it was in fact kosher.

Anonymous said...

when will this i used to drink Gatorade and now i do not bec it is not Kosher but i do think its better the poweraid any ideas when this might be