Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why Houston is Better Than NY...

Work has been pretty busy so I haven't posted for a bit. I'd thought about sharing some of the things I enjoy about living in Houston Texas and perhaps why it's better than NY (at least for me).

1) Lower cost of living: Housing is certainly more affordable and so is gasoline

2) Community: Where everybody knows your name: People invite you for shabbos meals etc.

3) Speeding and parking ticket ratio: the chances of getting either are greatly decreased thanks to
no quotas for either in the state

4) No state income tax

5) Politeness factor: Let's face it southerners tend to be more polite

6) No honking: few if anyone will honk at you if you don't speed away as soon as the light turns green.

These are just a few but there will be more to come...

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