Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Favorite Toothpaste: Free Coupon

One of the things I try to accomplish on this blog is to give my readers the latest and greatest information on products and services I find mentionable. "News you can use", if you will. I now have a new favorite toothpaste. What makes this one special you ask? 1) It tastes pretty good 2) It seems to keep my breath fresh longer than others I have used 3) It comes in a pump form with gel-to-foam action which supposedly reaches more areas between your teeth for a cleaner mouth-this also means no squeezing to get the last drop and better control over how much is dispensed. What is this great toothpaste I speak of? Aquafresh ISO Active Whitening toothpaste. To receive a $1.00 coupon off this product click here. As with many toothpastes it does contain glycerin. To read up on the issues of kashrus concerning toothpaste click here.

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