Thursday, September 03, 2009

I Forgot It Wasn't Cheese! Soya Kaas

While going down the isles at my local Wholefoods supermarket I found myself purchasing many soy products. I tried some kosher soy peperoni and salami as the prices were pretty competitive to chain supermarket prices for these items. I also noticed different manufacturers of kosher soy cheeses. I always have been hesitant to try them because at home my father purchased some and I found them rather appalling. This particular brand, "Soya Kass" caught my eye because is was actually dairy. Upon reading the ingredients I found it had "milk proteins". My thought was perhaps this really would taste more like the real thing but without the hydrogenated fats or cholesterol. I was not disappointed! The mild cheddar version really melts like real cheese as advertise and is a close second to the real thing.

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