Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Houston We Have A Problem: Kosher Food in Houston

Moving from NY to Houston has been an interesting experience. Attempting to find the same items I have come to love in NY has been a chore to say the least. Certain kosher items are more expensive but the regular items (i.e. eggs, milk) are less expensive. You can also find deals here and there on kosher items: for example I have found kosher Salmon on sale for as little as $3.99 lb . It can be difficult trying to figure out who has what items and they are not all available at the same store. Kroger for example has their own brand of kosher barley but does not sell kosher pareve whip cream or large jars of kosher garlic. You have to go elsewhere for different things and that can make things really annoying. Having kosher bakeries inside 2 of the larger supermakets is a nice plus though. We recently frequented the Whole Foods store here in Houston. I really miss Trader Joe's: they had more kosher items and lower prices. The Whole Foods store had something I had never seen before: babysitting! My child went and had a blast as my wife and I looked around for kosher items (lots of kosher soy products) and found kosher eggroll and wonton wraps.


Jew Wishes said...

I moved from CA which has a huge Jewish population, and items I love. It has been difficult to find those same items in MO, so I understand your post.

Tara said...

Go to It may be inconvenient to buy online, but it may be worthy to stock up. same thing. Also go to directory listings on their site to see nearest store. The warehouse supermarket type often sells Israeli products such as Hummus. Not sure of kashrut.

I googled "Kosher Supermarkets in Houston, TX." Try that.

Instantly, I found the link you are looking for as the first listing:

Good luck. Post your findings. Thank you. Will stay tuned to blog.