Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Guss' Pickles: Lawsuit has owner in a pickle?

Rising rent and slow sales have forced out the owners of the famous Guss' Pickles of the Lower East Side to pack up and move to Brooklyn ( Boro Park to be exact). The problem is a lawsuit filed by the the Fairhurst( Manhattan store) and the counter suit by Leibowitz (owners of the Cedarhurst store) . In the settlement Pat Fairhurst was told she could keep the name as long as she stayed at her Orchard St. location but now that she's moving she must change the famous name. Needles to say the outcome of the suit left a sour taste in Pat Fairhurst's mouth but she's not worried."We have a following, they don't," she says simply.


Jacob Da Jew said...

There's a newish pickle store on Coney Island Ave. I think thats the one.

Spodda said...

Jacob,"The Pickle Guys" on Coney Island have been around for a while. They also have a pickle store in Manhattan that still stands today. I believe they actually took the place of Guss's previous location on the East Side

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Jacob did you mean newish or Jewish?
The "N" and "J" are are right next to each other on the querty keyboard :)