Friday, July 24, 2009

Rabbis Indicted for Money Laundering

The latest scandal to hit the Jewish community is really hard to swallow! The NYT reports that 5 Rabbis including Rabbi Kassin, an 87 yr old Rabbi of Shaare Zion and one of the leading Rabbis of the Syrian Jewish community, has been indicted by the FBI on allegations of money laundering through charitable organizations. This unfortunately reminds me of the recent the case in which the Spinka Rebbe pleaded guilty to similar charges and is looking at 5 yrs. in prison. We hope these allegations prove to be false but what a devestating effect this has on Jews to see Rabbis in the news like this. This should strengthen our resolve moving into the month of ellul to be more diligent about following halacha in regards to our business dealings. In this merit we should all have much success and merit to see the geulah real soon.

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