Thursday, June 25, 2009

Traffic Lawyers,Speeding Tickets DWI/DUI: The Very Best in NY.

This is a public announcement for our NY residents. New York is one of those states that is known for giving out plenty of speeding tickets. Whether it's on the Belt Parkway or Upstate on the NY State Thruway or the Southern State Parkway. NYS needs it's speeding tickets (and parking tickets) to help balance it's budget. You may find yourself needing to defend yourself against such tickets and it's hard to find a lawyer who is excellent at his craft but at the same time charges a reasonable fees. I have found such an attorney and his name is Dennis O' Sullivan. I have used him more than once (unfortunately) and he's come through every time. His website is NYTICKETDEFENSE.COM. Feel free to pass this information along and if you call feel free to tell him where you heard about him. he also deals with tenant and land lord law as well as Real Estate transactions.

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