Monday, June 15, 2009

Jewish Wedding Music : Part 2

Life-of-Rubin posted a video about how Heshy made a shidduch off his Blog which I think is pretty hilarious. It got me thinking about weddings again and the Jewish wedding music scene. Now I posted previously about some thoughts in relation to the topic and I won't rehash them here again in this post. I did notice however, a new trend regarding the Jewish wedding band or Jewish wedding orchestra if you will. More people now then ever are getting into this line of business. For the longest time Jewish Orchestras were generally comprised of offices with several employees running different aspects of it, from the sales rep to the music planning to booking the musicians etc.. Now more than ever there are many people jumping into this business and they are the Vocalist or music production people. Examples: Shloime Dachs, Yakov Young, Sruly Williger, Michoel Pruzansky and many other singers have moved away from trying to book concert venues and focusing on the Jewish wedding bands and booking potential affairs. It was also interesting to see Avi Newmark formerly producing Dovid Gabay and now the anticipated release of Benny Friedman, has also thrown his hat into the ring with the Nagilah orchestra. It's interesting to see the dynamic shift in the Jewish wedding orchestra business. In the past no singers for the most part had their own bands, they were simply on board with the big orchestras ( i.e. Neginah). Now the orchestras still feature their own vocalist but many singers are going solo (pun intended) and are putting out their own shingle to drum up (sorry can't stop) some business. Even the One-Man-Band business has gotten more competitive with new players hitting the scene but few who are really all that good at what they do. I recently came across a new member of our community who recently opened up shop here in Texas and put up his website as Read his bio and listen to the clips . The website has a pretty extensive list of Free Jewish Sheet Music so check it out.

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