Monday, May 18, 2009

Kosher Grilling: Got My Grill!

When you don't feel like spending a lot of money finding a good gas grill can be tough. You can always try your luck at craigslist but then you have to clean and kasher it and that can be a real pain. Also there are no refunds or warranties. We all know Weber makes some of the best grills but not everyone can afford to plunk $500 plus bucks ( sure they make cheaper ones but they only have 2 burners and little space to grill). Now that I live in Texas, grilling is the law. The question became which grill could I afford that would last longer than a couple of months before it rusted out? Now I had done some extensive research for my first gas grill. The grill that I had originally purchased from Lowes via a 10% coupon was a bbq grillware for just $169.00. It did a decent enough job but I felt it took too long for it to get up to 500 degrees especially if it wasn't warm outside. Part of the problem I believe, stemmed from the cheap metal used for the grill lid. It just wasn't keeping in the heat enough. After reading several reviews I settled on the Char Griller: Grillin' Pro 3001. The biggest complaint was the assembly so I left that to the people at Lowes. I'll keep you posted on my latest purchase.

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