Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pre Recorded Choir at Live Concerts Debate

I recently read the posting by Life-of-Rubin regarding pre recorded music and vocals being used at various boys choir shows such as Yeshiva Boys Choir which was extensively reseached by the Cool Jew. It's a very insightful post and if you have not read I suggest you do by clicking here. It's interesting to see how different choirs handle this issue differently with some using pre recorded vocals and others only the music and some others perhaps both. As Nachman Seltzer of Shira Chadasha Boys Choir mentioned, I too sang with MBC as a soloist many moons ago and I had to sing and dance without any pre recorded assistance. From a consumer's perspective, perhaps it all comes down to what matteres to you. In that sense I'm a purist: If I'm paying good money to see a performance, I want the music and vocals to be real and live. One could argue if a choir can't handle dancing and singing at the same time, perhaps they should dance without vocals or not at all. I certainly understand the entertainment value of having pre recorded music it's simply a question of what matters to you.... or is it?


Anonymous said...

for all of you who dont know, i spoke to Yerachmiel the day of the concert this past pesach, and you know what, he had laryngitis, and he could barely speak, did anyone notice how this show he spoke very little, but he sang (his track) sounded just fine? how can he say his vocals are live?????

Jewish Blogmeister said...

And we should believe you because? I sang in his choir for a couple of years and although I have nothing to do with him now I was involved in the choir as an adult as well. I never heard or saw any tracks played for anything vocal or music. Everything was live. Now you can always claim that things have changed but as a vocalist I can tell you this: If your voice is in bad shape and you keep your talking to a minimum you can sing when you have to but you will pay the price later. Anon sorry to say what you are saying proves nothing. I will personally look into the matter myself but I have no reason to believe anything has changed.

Anonymous said...

um his voice was very hoarse when he was singing.

The music was mostly prerecorded tracks but the choir was 110% live throughout the whole concert