Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bad Economy Comeback: Board Games

Here is a video that explains how in this economic downturn people are rediscovering board games as a means of family fun. Board games are now trying to reinvent themselves in order to make them more relevant to the times. As the video explains you can now buy property on monopoly with a credit card. This version of monopoly would not be as popular with a segment of board game purchasers known as "Orthodox Jews". You see on the Sabbath and other religious holidays us orthodox jews look for activities to do with our friends and families that don't involve electricity for example. There are of course people who would never play any kind of monopoly on yom tov or shabbos but that's for a whole different discussion. What's your favorite board game ?


chaviva said...

We play Trivial Pursuit or Sorry on Shabbos.

I'm hoping these are kosher for Shabbos. Do you know?

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Those are probably some of the most "kosher" games one can play.