Monday, November 10, 2008

Jewish Music Review: Hu Levado Hamenagnim Orchestra

I had heard about this new release produced by Shalom Wagshal with arrangements Moshe Roth and was looking to get my hands on it. The album is in the wedding genre and features a medley of songs each on a separate track which I really liked. The album features an interesting mix of songs both new and old. It also features 3 original songs sung by Gideon Levine, Dovid Gabay and Mordechai Ben David. I enjoyed the title track song the most of the three and I think Gabay did an excellent job vocally. Mordechai Ben David also surprises you with nice high notes that he sings well. MBD's vocals remind you of his younger years on the ballad Malachei Rachamim and he seems to have found a better vocal technique. The eastern medley features a guest vocalist -Meidad Tassa who I'm assuming is the child vocalist who has fantastic control. I'm not familiar with every tune but I found the album to be well produced and recorded. The vocalists did a nice job both vocally and harmonically and I didn't feel anything was overproduced in any way. The last track features a thank you to all involved and is a nice touch. There is also a bonus video track on the cd that can be viewed on your computer as well.

Here are some preview clips.

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