Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jewish Music Acaepplla Alert!

Six 13 has released their latest in time for Chanukah: Via Sameach Music:

Sameach is excited to present Six13's newest album, "Yesh Chadash". This was the group that turned the world of Jewish music on its ear with its groundbreaking style of hard-hitting a cappella – but true to the album's title, this third album is by far its best and most unique, and the boys of Six13 are setting the bar yet again. You'll have a tough time believing these sounds came out of just six guys' voices, and unforgettable original tunes and toe-tapping new takes on a couple of classics will earn this CD a spot in your list of favorites. This album's here just in time – not for Pesach, but for Chanukah. Why? Because with this release, a cappella is officially not just for sefirah anymore!

Check out this excellent sampler!

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