Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why Verizon Fios Stinks!

Many people like myself are being persuaded to kiss thier cable company goodbye and sign up for FIOS which is pushing a very hard advertising campaign. You may be asking which is better Fios VS Cable. My suggestion: Don't fall for the hype!I'm not even sure where to begin this rant. I guess the lies started when I was told that a standard DVR vs regular were the same monthly charge: not true! When I sent it back for a regular one I couldn't understand why it seemed to fill up so quickly although so few things were recorded. The first rep I spoke to was a moron and said there was a glitch in the system and they were working on it: LIE! Called back again and spoke to someone with half a brain who informed me that I had recieved someone else old dvr (they get reused) and it had stuff on the hard drive even though it was not showing up on the list. I would have to reformat my DVR and lose anything I had recorded.Of course no offer to compensate me for this. Needless to say after just 5 months some how this state-of-the-art modem just fried itself and I had to wait 3 days for it, so there was no internet for 3 days. Then 6 months into this my phone stopped working: no dial tone. Called customer service and they claimed my phone was off the hook. I disconnected all my phones: nothing happened. They claimed the earliest they could send a tech was Monday: Another Lie. I said I could not wait 4 days without a phone but miraculously someone showed up Sunday morning and no one even called to give me a heads up. I was told unless they actually did work on the lines inside I would not be charged for the visit. The tech said everything was fine outside. He came inside and plugged his special phone to test the inside line and it miraculously started working. The tech himself had no idea what he did! Then Verizon proceeded to try to bill for the visit which I said no way hosay! They attempted to bill me in the most convoluted way you would need a phd in math to figure it out. In the end they owed me a credit of $148 because they tried to rip me off. Who knows how many people who don't read their bills pay needlessly. Other things they don't tell you is how much juice your battery back up sucks out of your monthly electric bill: perhaps as much as $22 bucks a yr. it all adds up.Verizon Wireless has much better customer service than Fios. I stronlgly suggest thinking twice before switching over. Remember Verizon is a national company if they lose you they don't worry too much. Cable companies have more to lose.


YK said...

I trying to email you, but I can;t find your email address. Pls email me asap!

Anonymous said...

U forgot to mention the part where they screwed up our bill and the credit still hasnt cleared 4 billing cycles later. MORONS!!

chief scribe said...

Well, Verizon sent a rep to visit me three times last week and get me to buy FIOS. I don't answer the door. From past experience with Verizon, I've learned that even refusing them just encourages them to keep pestering you with more junk mail and stupid solicitors. The only reason why they're sending solicitors for FIOS is because no one around here wants it. They can shove FIOS where the sun don't shine.