Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Circuit City Coupons: My New Camcorder

Getting ready for the big trip so I decided to pick up a camcorder. Camcorders are hard to choose there are so many options etc.. The thing that annoyed me the most is that the information on specs that's listed guarantees nothing. You would think for example if a camcorder had 3ccd chip technology it would certainly have better video quality but it's not necessarily the case. That's why when I bought mine I had to read plenty of reviews. I didn't care for one of those HD camcorders since I don't own an HDTV I thought it was somewhat pointless. I settled on a Sony SR-85. The price was right and it has a 60 GB hard drive and it's real small. I'm just getting used to hooking it up with my antiquated computer whose hard drive is not much bigger than the one on this camcorder (scary huh?). The speed in which technology is growing in both photography and video is amazing. It is allowing even the novice an opportunity to look like a pro. Here is a 10% circuit city coupon at their Brooklyn location I recieved via email in case you too would like a camcorder....


Jew Wishes said...

I hope your trip is a good one.

I live in a small community, and one slice of pizza is more expensive than in NYC.

You need to check everything out, where you want to move, prices, taxes, cost of living, recent tax increases, schools, Synagogues, etc.

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Thanks and I have done extensive homework. Cost og living difference is about 25% and there would be very little difference in income.