Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Jewish Music Video Exclusive! Shloime Tosig

It looks like A Jewish Music Insider has exclusive video footage of Shloime Tosig recording for his new album. Shloime Tosig's album is arranged by Naftoli Yosef Mendlowitz and Shua Fried. Songs composed by Yossi Green, Yoily Polatseck, Motti Illowitz, Shragi Gestetner, Dudi Kalish, Meshulem Greenberger, Avrumi Berkow and the very talented Yoel Hersh Fuchs (who did the choir too) . Lipa Schmeltzer (wrote lyrics for the bonus track) and Dovid Kaufman. Produced by Gershy Moskowitz the GREAT! GM productions. Shloime started singing at weddings and kumzitsis 6 years ago. Since then he has traveled abroad to perform around the world. His voice might sound familiar because he has been singing as a guest soloist on albums and s'fira albums in the past such as Shehashloim Shelo by L'chaim and Chazak. Click here for the video.


Anonymous said...

dual identiy crisis much?

is it Yussee or Shloymee?

perhaps his name is really srully or mendy or shloime with an i and a c or maybe shwekey with an e

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Actually that's a typo :)

Anonymous said...

his name is shloime taussig in yiddish they call him toisig

EatingOut said...

I have loved shloime taussigs music for such a long time, i cant wait for the new album!

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