Friday, June 13, 2008

Tim Russert: Dead at 58

In what is some of the biggest news on the political scene: NBC News Anchor, Tim Russert of " Meet the Press" has died suddenly of a heart attack at 58 at the NBC station. He's the longest anchor of in the history of Meet the Press's history. He was recently accused of "slobbering all over Barock Obama".I'm uncertain as to wether conservatives will miss him much but perhaps he was not as liberal as many of his anchor counterparts. Regardless, the news is quite a shock to many.

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Chaim said...


You are way off base. He was not a liberal or a conservative. He was a good guy, he knew politics, he appreciated what it was and he was one of the fairest moderators in all of politics. He was a friend of the Jews and Israel. This is kind of a rough post for a good person.