Friday, June 13, 2008

Kosher Pizza: The Best Ones: Not as Good as Non-Kosher?

I cam across this thread on chowhound and people were asking if there were any non-kosher pizzerias that rivaled non-kosher ones. One commenter mentioned that most kosher cheeses are sub-par against not kosher ones. Of course there are excellent kosher cheeses but the price is expensive. Perhaps competing on price and having to pay for supervision does not allow an owner to use top-of-the-line ingredients leading most kosher pizzerias to taste like something you could easily make at home if you only had a bakers oven. Some of the better Kosher pizzerias mentioned were J 2 (NYC), Viva (NYC), La Pizzeria (Great Neck), David's (5 towns) Cafe Rennaisance(Brooklyn),Pizza Time ( Brooklyn), Pizza Professor (Queens),Benny's (Brooklyn), Pizza World (LA). An interesting point was made about Pizza Time:Pizza Time's secret is that the owners are Jewish & Italian partners- thus, real Brooklyn style pizza that happens to be kosher. Side by side, you can't tell it from regular pizza and he (the owner) puts the San Marzano tomatos through the food mill to make sauce. Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I must agree many kosher pizza establishment use inferior ingredients as they say "the olem is a golem".

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Jewish Blogmeister said...

Amnons has decent pizza I wouldn't call it exceptional.