Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jewish Music: Morning Wrap Up

This Morning A Jewish Music Insider has a video featuring Eitan Katz performing live at Aish Kodesh. Also the blog reminds you that Lipa Schmeltzer's latest release: " A Poshiter Yid" is now available for purchase and has a sampler for your listening pleasure.Don't forget to check out the latest review on Yosef Karduner's new hit album Mikdash Melech with it's own sampler. Read Life-of-Rubin's initial thoughts on Lipa's new release as well as his review on Benny Amar's latets release " Am Echad" . Speaking of Benny Amar, A Jewish Music Insider has done a review on this release as has YK's Jewish Music Forum. Make sure to all read the comment section as they usually have great input and information. There are also questions as to wether there will be an Jewish Orthodox version of American Idol in the US as there seems to be one in Israel. Speaking of Israel has anyone checked out the Beit Shemesh Jewish Music Fest? If you are wondering who the inspiration is in current Jewish music is click here. That's a wrap everyone...


YK said...

Appreciated the links, tks.

The Beit Shemesh vid is great!


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